FunctionTypeTime FrameCost US$ 
Corporate RegistrationRegistry documents (New System)max 15 days600.00
Registry documents (Old System)30 - 180 days500.00
Fast searchFinance office registration information (no documents) (subject to availability)max 7 days330.00
Standard SearchFinance office registration information (no documents) (subject to availability)max 15 days275.00
On DatabaseFinance office registration information and profile including legal (no documents) (subject to availability)max 2 days *65.00
Government Gazette7 - 14 days275.00
Research where company identifiers not available3 - 9 days350.00from fee
Litigation Check
Fast searchIndividual - Luanda Onlymax 12 days725.00
Standard SearchIndividual - Luanda Only12 + days510.00
Case file extraction per case30+ daysQUOTE
Reputation incl. regulatory,Inidividual7 days375.00
integrity, poltical etcCompany/organisation7 days375.00
Media research included in reputational
Site VisitsLuanda only per site***5 days500.00from fee
Profiles basicBest Value
Fast searchIndividuals and companies****NOTE5 - 12 days725.00
Standard SearchIndividuals and companies****15 - 22 days510.00
Passport VerificationIndividual 2 days12.00
Criminal checkCriminal check (non AFIS and consent required )max 10 days200.00
Company director searchNot possible
Profile intelligence construction - see basic profiles7 days350.00
EducationEducation verification ( copy and consent required )min 7 days160.00
EmploymentVerification ( consent required )+min 7 days175.00
ProfessionalVerificationmin 7 days175.00